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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Thursday May 10 is Bike to Work Day! Come to the East Bay Bike Coalition's Bike Happy Hour

Thursday is bike to work day and whether you work in Oakland or SF its an easy trip from PCL! And on your way home, stop in at the Bike Happy Hour Party for food trucks, New Belgium beer, and all kinds of fun!

If you live at PCL and work in Oakland, its an easy, STRAIGHT SHOT! and flat ride to work. Click here for directions!

If you live at PCL and work in San Francisco, its a 2.3 mile flat and easy ride to the Ferry, which is free for cyclists on Bike to Work Day and serves coffee and donuts in the morning and beers in the afternoon. Click here for directions! I love this trip since the ferry ride is so peaceful and gorgeous, and since I bike I can feel fine about the donut and beer as part of my commute (maybe not every day).

Wherever you live or work, the Happy Hour Party is a lot of Fun. PCL is a sponsor of the Happy Hour because we like to support cycling in Oakland. One of the highlights of PCL is that its easy to get on the freeway, easy to get on BART, and easy to bike anywhere in the East Bay (and to SF if you use BART or the ferry). The happy hour will have beer, games, and an assortment of food trucks and good info about Oakland-based businesses and services.

See you on the road on Thursday!


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