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Monday, April 30, 2012

Help Plan the Neighborhood's Future: West Oakland Specific Plan Meeting Next Week

Community Workshop #4 for the West Oakland Specific Plan is next weekend, Saturday May 5 from 10am (promptly) to 1pm. The meeting will be held at the Cypress Mandela Training Center, 2229 Poplar Street, Oakland, Ca 94607.

The City's consultant team will recap the process so far and review some of the different development scenarios (how much and what kinds of new buildings should be allowed) that have come out based on community input. It will be a chance to learn about the process and also provide input on the direction the plan takes. The Specific Plan will become the policy document that determines zoning (what land owners can and can't build in the area, and what design standards new buildings will be held to) for the future.

More Detail: What is the Specific Plan?
(from the City's site about the plan)
The purpose of the West Oakland Specific Plan is to develop comprehensive, multifaceted strategies for facilitating the development of vacant and/or underutilized commercial and industrial properties within West Oakland’s Opportunity Areas. The Plan will be a tool for supporting, attracting and facilitating developments that provide jobs and services needed by the West Oakland community and the city of Oakland at large.

Intended to be a partnership between the City, Redevelopment Agency, affected property owners and adjacent business and residential communities, the West Oakland Specific Plan can serve as a vehicle for orchestrating public and private investments by having those investments installed in accordance with a mutually agreed-upon strategy.

The Plan will integrate past great ideas and recommendations into a present-day strategy to ensure the products of similar efforts are not disregarded. The Plan will explore a range of issues to identify development challenges; it will then assist the City in refining its economic development planning for the area by targeting specific area needs. The Plan will serve as a concise, consistent way to communicate the preferred development strategies for the Opportunity Areas and in this respect can serve as a marketing tool to attract developers to key sites within the Opportunity Areas.

Why should you go?
This is a chance to voice your opinions about what the neighborhood needs and would benefit from to the City of Oakland and the team preparing the long-range development policy and building standards for the neighborhood. Planners try to make these workshops interactive and fun and do their best to collect good informed input from the people who live and work in a neighborhood.


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