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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

4 Perspectives on What makes Oakland Great

Buick is doing a bunch of ads that support cities across America by highlighting what makes them great. Despite random shots of Buicks throughout, the videos are actually pretty interesting and well done. In the video below (4 and a half minutes, with 4 more 4 minute videos following), 4 local small business owners (2 from West Oakland!) talk about their favorite areas, restaurants, galleries and activities in Oakland.

"Once the underdog, Oakland has emerged from the shadow of that other city across the bay. With its hip arts scene, tasty restaurants, unique DIY culture and dynamic residents, Oakland is no longer up and coming. It’s arrived."

Check it out at: http://rediscover.msn.com/city/32243562/
After the first video, there are a bunch of focus videos on art, food, culture and community.


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