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Thursday, January 5, 2012

June-uary in Oakland

Day in and day out, one thing that Oakland has going for it is great weather. Tons of people who move to the East Bay do it for that 5+ degree bump in temperatures and the extra days of sunshine. As a cross-bay commuter, I see the difference every day.

When I lived in San Francisco and commuted to downtown Oakland, I remember coming out of the tube on BART and being stunned at sunny skies when my walk to BART in the (allegedly sunny) Mission had been frigid. In the evenings, BART would pop up at West Oakland and it was clear all around, with a gorgeous view of the dense fog engulfing San Francisco. Occasionally the view was dramatic because the tops of tall buildings would pop up out of the dense fog below, but that visual pleasure was erased when I got off BART and it was darker and colder than it should have been.

Well, for better or worse, this has been one of the most pleasant winters on record. Looking ahead at the weekend weather, its going to be mid 60s and 0-10% chance of rain through the weekend and into next week. In fact, so far this winter, we've had less precipitation than in any year in the 1900s. We're tying and breaking records from the 1800s at this point. Up in Tahoe, people have started calling it June-uary, with daily highs consistently in the mid 60s. Bad news for skiing, great news for pleasant evening jogs here in Oakland and a nice commute every day. The only bad news is that one of the other great benefits of living in Oakland is that Tahoe is that much closer, but unfortunately this year there just isn't any reason to go (yet).


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