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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Most Sustainable Seafood Grocer Just 5 Minutes Away

And it is not a Whole Foods, Trader Joes or…

It was that long ago, Safeway announced it was rebranding the Emeryville’s Pak N Save at 3889 San Pablo Ave as a Safeway Store. At the time I viewed this as a simple banner change reaction to the Target Store opening at 1555 40th St. in the East Bay Bridge Retail Center, which straddles Oakland and Emeryville.

I was mildly impressed and hopeful the “Safeway Store“would lose the “warehouse” feel and take on the “lifestyle” format store typical of Safeway since 2004.

Gradually I see a change occurring. Store employees seem more polite, friendly with a willingness (proactive) to assist customers and a cleaner looking store.

I was totally surprise to learn that Safeway was named “Most Sustainable Seafood Grocer by Greenpeace USA,” ranking number one (64.62) for most sustainable national grocery retailer in the U.S. for seafood.

in their fifth edition "Carting Away the Oceans" report and scorecard, released on April 11, rates retailers' existing seafood policies, initiatives, product labeling/dissemination of information about products, and practices surrounding the sale of certain unsustainable or "red list" species.

Also interesting was the Whole Foods Market Inc. (61.77) and Traders Joe (44.57) seafood was ranked below Target (63.74) and Safeway.

Click here to download the Greenpeace report in PDF format. ...

Although based totally on empirical data, the Central Station community in part has caused retailers to take note as they slowly (partly caused by economics) find locations close by.

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