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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Photographer Rosanna Anson hits the BIG TIME!

You may recall an earlier blog about Rosanna (aka RUS) Anson who came to San Francisco from Barcelona, Spain on a photography scholarship for her masters degree. I met Rus through my daughter who was living in an apartment in SF. They needed a new roommate and came together through craigslist as many 20 somethings do these days. My daughter started to tell me about Rus and showed me some of her work just at the time that we were putting together the first models at PCL. I loved her images and worked out a trade where we would give her exposure in exchange for using her images in our models in addition to rolling her images and bio on a flat screen in our largest model. People loved them and they brought so much color and conversation to the spaces. Lucky us! So perfect for a loft. Since that time Rus has won a national award and was included in a show at the Lincoln Center in New York. But that isn't even the big time that I am blogging about! Rosanna's work has grown and blossomed since then and her interest has been directed mostly at fashion photography. Well good thing because she is a master! Her imagination and photographs have just graced the cover of both 7x7 San Francisco Magazine and Magazine 180! In addition she has 8 pages of images in the main 7x7 fashion spread. You can check out more of her work at rusanson.com. We will be keeping an eye on Rus and keep you posted of her work. Rumor has it that she has a beautiful new website launching soon. Congratulations Rus...we knew you when!

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