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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Coi's sibling "Plum" opened in Oakland

Plum officially opened to the public last night, after much pregame buzz. Here’s an early look from The Chronicle, which visited last night to take the menu for test drive for Sunday’s “What’s New” print feature. All meals are paid for by The Chronicle.

Please note that this first look isn’t anything remotely resembling a review, but simply descriptive, objective snapshots of the restaurant during its first week to give potential diners an idea of what to expect. Mr. Bauer will weigh in with his thoughts in a few months’ time.

Anyway, here’s the skinny about a dinner for two.

Food ordered: Chilled eggplant soup with cumin and coriander undertones, topped with …[More


Daniel Patterson the four-star chef - an Oakland resident - has taken over a fried chicken joint in the Uptown district (2214 Broadway) with plans to open by early summer.

But whereas Bracina will slant toward rustic, open-hearth cuisine, Plum will be more like a younger sibling of Coi, albeit with lower prices.

With modern, ingredient-driven dishes falling in the $9-$19 range, it'll resemble Coi's lounge menu, but better, according to Patterson. [More]



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