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Monday, August 9, 2010

Oakland: Coolness is a state of mind

Oakland ranks #5 for Coolness

Coolness is elusive and hard to define. To see whether perceptions of coolness matched up with reality--or at least how much fun a city offered--we compared coolness rankings against the number of bars, nightclubs, restaurants, museums, galleries, live theater venues and sports stadiums in each city, using data from AOL City Guides.

Many of the cities perceived to be cool have one thing in common: an abundance of things to do. And in a lot of cases, a city's coolness ranking aligned nearly perfectly with the number of venues…

To compile the list, market research company Harris Interactive ( HPOL - news - people ) conducted an exclusive poll for Forbes. In July Harris asked 2,104 adults from across the U.S. which of the 40 largest metropolitan statistical areas in the country were "the coolest."

Metropolitan Statistical Area: San Francisco--Oakland, CA
Number of Restaurants, Bars and Clubs (Rank): 14,355 (4)
Number of Museums, Theaters, Stadiums and Arenas (Rank): 466 (4)
Number of Galleries and Concert Venues (Rank): 1,395 (3)




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