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Friday, May 7, 2010

Events Tonight and Weekend


As you make your weekend plans, here’s something to make your Oakland night life a little easier to navigate. You can get free taxi rides if you’re out partying in Oakland Friday night. Three nightclubs, a local cab company and a law firm have teamed up to make Oakland an even bigger destination during the art walk this First Friday.

If you stop by at The Layover (1517 Franklin St), Penelope (11th and Clay Streets), and/or Era (19 Grand Ave), you can get coupons worth $5 each that will take care of your downtown travels. (Cab rides around downtown are usually less than $5)

These three bars found partners in Kapsack & Bair DUI Attorneys and Friendly Cabs. The coupons are valid only for one night, so if you’d like to know what a free cab ride feels like, make sure you get to one of the three bars Friday night.

From www.theoakbook.com/




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