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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

WHO LIVES HERE? Zach Warner and Tyler Nielson

For the longest time I thought that ZACHANDTYLER was just one word, but the other day I finally got to sit down with these TWO young men and hear each one of their stories. I have been hearing their names for so long because they were acquainted with PCL by one of our marketing consultants in the very early stages and were able to watch the project during construction. With all units available at the time stage they considered many locations but landed in the end grove unit and are elated!

Both men grew up in Utah, Zach in Ogden and Tyler in Richfield, both very rural settings. Tyler's family ran a dairy farm with over 500 cows! Not far away is Promontory Point, where on May 10, 1869, there was a grand celebration as the Union Pacific's No. 119 and the Central Pacific's Jupiter touched cowcatchers to complete the transcontinental railroad. Z+T who are very familiar with railroad history are now thrilled to be near the Oakland Train Station at the end of the transcontinental line.
Zach’s grandfather was a physician and at one point Zach thought about following in his footsteps. His degree in zoology from Weber State University lead him to various jobs in a hospital in Salt Lake but his creative side keep rearing its head. He moved into the area of marketing and sales at the hospital and felt like this was the direction of his passion.
In the meantime Tyler had connected with a childhood acquaintance who set Tyler up selling Vitamix blenders. (check out www.vitamix.com). He was a natural salesman and soon was travelling between Utah and the Bay Area for the company. On one of his stints back in Utah he and Zach met and have been together ever since. Having both been on Mormon missions, Zach to Argentina and Tyler to Denver, they began sharing thoughts and experiences including some of the lifestyle challenges of growing up Mormon in Utah leading the two of them to move to San Francisco where there was more diversity and acceptance. Here they both work selling Vitamix blenders at Costco and were able to swing moving to PCL and establishing a home of their own. Their expression of self and creativity is evident in their loft accented with colorful walls, well thought out, wisely purchased furniture and a very healthy and nutritionally sound lifestyle. As a former exercise physiologist I am very interested in good nutrition. It was so much fun to talk about what healthy meals can be blended up in one of the Vitamix Blenders. Tyler threw in couple of strawberries, stem and all, some juice, soy powder and ice and in a matter of seconds I had a delicious healthy scoop of sorbet that rivaled the sorbet served by Scream at the party last week.

Now legally married the word for them is smitten. Smitten with the bay area, smitten with the abundance of fresh local produce, smitten with their new home and neighbors and smitten with each other. Z +T...welcome to the Central Station community and thanks for the sorbet. I will be by to pick up my blender. (yes....I bought one:)


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