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Sunday, January 24, 2010

WHO LIVES HERE? Patti White and John Sander

The other day I had a chance to see what used to be the original PCL sales office when I went to interview Patti and John, and what a transformation. I have to say that the sales office was pretty cool when we were using it but now it's a real show piece. When I first walked in I couldn't even get past the first few steps without asking questions and oohing and aahing. The first item that struck me was the color palette and wall paint of orange, dark green, yellow and beige. The room on the left as you first enter the loft is Patti's office where the shelves are constructed from old high school bleachers balanced on large
metal spools salvaged from the Sunset Line and Twine Company in Petaluma.
Still in the wood are carvings of high school love, teacher taunts and adolescent verbiage. This area can be closed off by an old sliding metal bank door with a canvas image of a photograph from one of their trips, in place of the glass. Stunning! I then made my way to the kitchen and sat down at the counter that was constructed from the floor of a bowling alley. This is where they both hang out with their laptops and coffee, surfing and sipping. Most of the artistic touches in Patti and John's unit are derived from items found at salvage yards giving their home a very warm and craft like feeling. The TI work here has taken quite a few months and is still on going. John asked Patti to be patient for two months but she wanted to move in in 30 days, so they did, with an incomplete kitchen... the microwave, restaurants and bathroom sink worked as a substitute while they installed a kitchen of orange and dark brown, primarily from IKEA. Both John and Patti have backgrounds in marketing and communications and actually met while working on an corporate event in New York. Patti, who grew up in Wisconsin, develops marketing and event strategies primarily for hi tech businesses. Her work eventually brought her to the Haight in the city where she loved the hippie essence. John studied theater production and ended up coming to California to help open a performing arts center in Silicon Valley where he stayed and worked for two years. Eventually John found a niche producing corporate events including web work, video, stage setting and more. You can check out his work at phproductions.com. Impressive!
PH Productions is based in Emeryville and John, a SF renter, did the reverse commute driving the backroads through parts of West Oakland thinking....pioneering neighborhood with lots of opportunities! Patti and John, now living together on Potrero Hill, were notified that they had to move due to the sale of their rental, so they began to consider purchasing a home. Looking at possibilities in SF they were underwhelmed by the architecture and overwhelmed by the prices and expanded their search to the east bay(a place John thought he would never want to live). The first time they saw the lofts their response was....building 10, location 3, but something clicked and they both remember being upstairs in a loft and looking at each other at the same time with a nod and a spark. So Patti gave it the "test" making a list of 5 things to do in the east bay including checking out the parks, restaurants, farmers markets, etc. Long story short they are now living in a beautiful building and in a fabulously interesting neighborhood. They are both world travelers and their walls are adorned with art from places including Cuba, India, Iceland, Argentina and Bali to name a few. You can see more images on their blog at www.loft152.blogspot.com. Take a look...eye candy!

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