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Friday, January 15, 2010

Who Lives Here? ........Nick Garcia

The Alameda School District had a half day yesterday so I was able to sit and chat with Nick Garcia, one of their speech pathologists and PCL resident since September. At his job Nick assesses and works with kids with a variety of issues effecting their speech including physical, cognitive and motor issues in addition to autism and deafness. He has always wanted to work with kids starting a major in child psychology at Cal State Northridge. This was interrupted abruptly when he was a bit "shook up" living two blocks from the epicenter of the Northridge Earthquake when it hit. Moving to the bay area he completed his schooling by starting over again at Sacramento state in speech pathology which was well worth the extra time in school. Throughout our conversation it was clear that Nick's experiences with these special kids gives him a very compassionate and open perspective on others and life in general. Settling in the east bay where his once long term partner lived, he at one point contemplated buying a house in Martinez. But his social life often took him to SF and his dating life took him to the Lake Merritt area where he began to discover Oakland. A friend of his had recently moved into Zephyr Gate and told him about the Central Station development. Now in a courtyard loft, Nick at one point considered a unit with an open loft, but opted for the more private separate upstairs space. The access to the outside was also a plus. His closing was not fun but both he and HD are glad he stuck it out! Nicks reaction to the neighborhood was similar to that of others.....cautious and warming as he got to know the area, learned more about the neighbors and spent time in West Oakland. Pleased with the insta-access to the freeway he loves the city but also goes to the Lake Merritt area everyday for a workout at Gold's gym(evident by his fit physique) and to load up on groceries at Trader Joes. Nick loves to cook. His home is immaculate and organized with a carefully thought out color scheme of grey blues and muted greens accented with eggplant curtains on black rods. Quite stunning. The living room is dominated by a chocolate brown leather sofa against the soft blue wall. Very nice. Everything is so neat at Nicks...except for the haphazardly painted beam up in the bedroom. I just cracked up when Nick said he got tired of painting. Most people would paint a beam from one end to the other but this beam (check out the picture) looked like it had been painted by a couple of Nick's kids. I loved it! Nick assures me he will finish the job but I say leave it as is! So much personality! Nick also owns a black and burgundy 1988 Citroen 2CV6 car, a beloved treasure from his time spent in France. Although he drove it for a couple of years it is now in pieces as he and his partner are rebuilding it. Hopefully we will eventually see it in the PCL garage....just another unique piece at the Cannery! Nick...thanks for sharing your story and welcome to the PCL community.

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Blogger Amy said...

Hi, Nick! I enjoyed reading your "who lives here" article. I'm initiating correspondence with Amy about purchasing a loft. I'm going to be checking it out at the end of March. My kids want to attend college in the Bay Area. In a couple of years I hope to relocate here, too, where I'll look for work with the local school district. I'm a special education assistant. Speech pathology is something I'm seriously considering! Love your car!

January 31, 2010 at 9:20 PM  

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