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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's a new year in the Prescott-Oakland Point neighborhood

I discovered the Armchair Abecedarian blog the other day and read this amazing story of "Why I Love Oakland", check it out!

And in case you have not been keeping up, here are some recent stories found at the POPna site:

We draw the lines (California Redistricting)

A Target Store is coming...Really!

Pope Benedict XVI embraces Tweeter...

The rush to aid Haiti events, fundraiser

Is the weather getting you down?

Shhh... The City of Oakland website is in BETA

There are a number of ways to follow the POPna site and stay informed about the happenings in the Prescott-Oakland Point Neighborhood. Here are just a few sites that provide a link to POPna:

A Better Oakland: V Smoothe’s personal commentary on Oakland’s progress under”Oakland Place Blogs”

Oakland Local is an independent, non-profit community news and information hub, connecting community and news.

Bay News Network: a directory and aggregator of 101 blogs and hyperlocal sites focusing on the Bay Area and surrounding environs.

Fwix: a local news site designed to show you the most recent and relevant information in your area.

Placeblog: a blog about the lived experience of a place.

Outside.In: is the leading hyperlocal content and advertising platform.

Oaklander Online: Glenview neighborhood blog.

Our Oakland: independent blog

Future Oakland: blog comments from the perspective of a real estate and marketing consultant about Oakland.

Just to name a few!



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