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Monday, December 7, 2009

Find "Oakland Grown" Business HERE

Oakland Grown is a movement celebrating and supporting Oakand's locally-owned, independent businesses and artists. It's about making your hard-earned money go further here at home, creating a sustainable economy, and helping to preserve the unique Oakland you love.

Individuals, businesses, artists and organizations can all join the movement. Step out of the box. Be Oakland Grown. Learn More

Oakland Grown is A Program of the Oakland Merchants' Leadership Forum.

Inspired by similar efforts around the country, Oakland Grown is a group of local business owners, artists, and engaged citizens committed to strengthening Oakland's local economy, social well being, and unique sense of place.

Oakland Grown Blog

News, muse, and more on the localization movement - your window into how we can all change the world.

Read the Oakland Grown Blog


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