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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Who Lives Here? Stephanie Schnapp and Kendra Bickley

Before I even got to the door of Stephanie and Kendra's new loft I was greeted by their "puggle" Blue who came running down the hall. Blue is a cross between a pug and a beagle, absolutely adorable and is only a few months old. When I did enter Stephanie and Kendra's home I was struck by the vivid colors on the walls. Two shades of a very saturated orange on a wall in the living room accented by Kendra's grandmothers kitchen table of yellow "formica"...so familiar to me having grown up in the 50's! Straight out of Mad Men! Stephanie and I (Kendra was at work unfortunately) sat at this table chatting while Blue took over the green armchair for his after noon nap. These two ladies have been together for the past eight years having met in San Francisco while Kendra, originally from Stockton, was studying Photography at San Francisco State University and working as a barista at Peets Coffee on Market Street. Stephanie grew up and attended college in Southern Illinois and moved out here on a whim after finishing her degree in bio science. Her science background led her to UCSF where she had a number of positions before landing her present job of 4 years as a clinical lab scientist. Her work in the immunohemotology lab includes educating others with her background, on how to become a clinical lab scientists like herself. Kendra now also works at UCSF as a unit coordinator in the ortho/spine pod for the OR. These two ladies were some of the first residents at PCL moving in April from San Francisco where they had the "landlady from hell". They found us on the PCL website. About this time Lola, the cat, wandered down the stairs and led us outside to the balcony where the sun was shining on a lime and tomato plant. I was then invited upstairs to see K+S personal gym set up in the area at the top of the stairs of their courtyard loft. Stephanie used to be a personal trainer and still lifts weights at home when she has the time. Wrapping up, Stephanie got serious and looked me in the eye telling me that one of the main reasons she and Kendra decided to move to PCL was because of Holliday Development's reputation and the fact that Rick and I run the company together with such warmth. Thanks you so much for that Steph and welcome to the community.

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