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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Who Lives Here? Lydia Hemphill

Lydia Hemphill is a local girl growing up in Kensington where she attended El Cerrito High School and then on to UC Berkeley where she majored in integrative biology. You now can find her in her lab coat hovering over pipettes full of molecules that she has produced for in vivo, in vitro and toxicity studies. Her work at Genentech as a research assistant takes her to South San Francisco daily so she is very pleased with the convenient freeway access at PCL. Her true biological love is anatomy, physiology and evolutionary biology and her dream job would be to work at the Academy of Sciences in the city. Before putting on her lab coat in the morning, Lydia jumps into the pool and swims for 45 minutes covering more than a mile in the water. We talked about the peacefulness of swimming, the thinking time that it provides and the soothing sounds of ones own breathing and heart beat. What a great way to start the day. Spending a year abroad in Madrid Spain during college is only a fraction of her world travel. She has been to India, Nepal, China to see her grandmothers village, and Thailand. Before moving to the Cannery, Lydia's home was a rental in Emeryville. When she started looking for a home to purchase she looked at everything in her price range including foreclosures but was uninspired. It was her boyfriend who spotted PCL from the freeway and encouraged her to take a look. She loved the building right away and began working her way through the different units. Of course the neighborhood was an initial concern but now she is very comfortable in her signature loft that faces the port. She didn't really think about her door to the outside being an assset at the time of purchase but now that she is thinking about getting a dog she is glad to have the direct access to the outside. She assures me that her dog will be a big dog like a lab or malamute. Because of her busy work schedule she hasn't met a lot of the new residents but says that the ones she is beginning to meet are very nice. Lydia attended last months block party and met some new folks there but says the best way to meet someone is through their dogs. Upon entering Lydia's signature loft, I was struck by the beautiful saturated colors on the walls. (check out the photograph) For a house warming gift Lydia's parents gave her a session with a colorist who chose rose, burnt orange and even some green for the walls. For fun and relaxation, Lydia plays the trumpet in a 60 person symphonic band (that includes her dad on trombone) called West County Wind sponsored by Contra Costa College. You can catch the performances at the performance hall on campus. Monday night practices are a weekly highlight for Lydia. So if you hear a sweet trumpet sound wafting from the port side of PCL you can bet that it is coming from the Hemphill House. Welcome to PCL Lydia and let us know when you get your dog!

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