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Monday, October 5, 2009

WHO LIVES HERE? Dennis Hanshew

Sunday morning I had coffee and homemade mango pie with Dennis Hanshew, his cat, Domino and his previous neighbors from SF in his new loft. He took us on a tour of his home/painter's studio and treated us to the stories behind his wonderful large paintings that hang from the expansive walls in his classic signature loft. Dennis, who grew up in California, was the son of a state park service employee, and moved from park to park including Mt.Diablo and Big Sur. He moved to Hawaii for college where he earned his degree in painting and a teaching credential and stayed for over 30 years. Back in the bay area as a renter his interest in buying a home was stirred by the opportunities stemming from the financial meltdown. His search took him up and down the west coast including Portland and Seattle. His interest in art, style and architecture brought him across the bay to PCL but initially he felt that the neighborhood was a deal breaker and that he would be too close to the freeway. But PCL stayed in his mind and he came back many times and finally made the purchase. Ironically he now looks out on the freeway and the lit cranes at the Port of Oakland, a view he once described as bizarre, but now finds very pleasing. He has also been pleasantly surprised by the sense of community in the neighborhood. Working as a paralegal in SF, Dennis walks to and from BART daily and has made friends along the way. He has been asked to join the domino games played in the local park on Wood Street and hopes to get to know more of the people who have lived in this area all their lives. He has befriended other PCL residents and finds the mix of people both on site and in the nieghborhood exciting. Dennis decided to make his upstairs loft his work area, where he paints and creates, setting up his bedroom in the alcove downstairs. Often mixing a wax medium iwht his oil paints, his works have a sense of depth from varied translucency and a luster on the paint surface. Besides his great work space Dennis was drawn to the angled walls, the light and expressed that the column was what did it for him. Welcome ot the PCL community Dennis, and thanks for the pie....delicious!

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