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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Who Lives Here? DeAnna Mercier

I rang the doorbell at DeAnna Mercier's grove loft and heard not only footsteps coming to the door but paws, sliding and snorting. The door opened and I was greated by DeAnna and her four year old French bulldog/Boston Terrier mix, Hugo, who DeAnna describes as a "piece of work". DeAnna, who grew up in Vermont, has been living at PCL since April after almost giving up on her search for a home to purchase. Targeting West Oakland because of opportunity, she came upon the filming of the HBO series, "Gangland", and decided that she either needed more money or a bigger dog! But after further research and an introduction to the Cannery she made a comfortable decision to make West Oakland her home. It has everything she was looking for including proximity to the freeways, a ground floor access and porch for Hugo, safety, and a sense of community. DeAnna graduated from UVM with a degree in ecological studies so the Green Point Rating at PCL was also a draw.

After college, DeAnna spent several years traveling and answered a newspaper ad while living in Hawaii about caring for a young autistic child and the found her passion. Returning to Vermont she earned a masters degree in education and applied behavioral analysis from Johnson. She went on to earn a Board Certification in Behavior Analysis and moved to California to continue he work with children. Now a member of the STE Consultants group, she supervises teams of people who work with young children with autism and their families in the bay area. Her consulting work provides the perfect balance between working in the field and at home in her new loft.

DeAnna has found her grove neighbors and their pets to be an extremely friendly and cohesive group. I asked if she had used the dog washing station for Hugo and she told me that when Hugo goes out for walks at the off leash park he comes back "looking like he spent the night partying in Las Vegas" and into the tub he goes. She has also used a Backroads bike this summer to go to the baseball game in SF. She hopped on BART and used the valet bike parking at the ballpark...no traffic, no hassle , a snap!

DeAnna and Hugo....you crack me up! Welcome!

Left: Hugo is not a morning person!

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