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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Who Lives Here? Charles Allensworth

Charles birthday is October 18th and he is celebrating by having friends and family over to his new courtyard loft, but he is also celebrating a pretty amazing life. Charles’ childhood was not easy, the second oldest of 7 kids being cared for by a single welfare mom in Indiana. Charles beat the odds and worked his way through college and graduate school becoming a teacher in the Bayview Hunters Point area of San Francisco. Concurrently he worked at Rainbow grocery and continues working there now in his 23rd year, as a buyer of health products, owner/employee and customer service person. He is also a Viet Nam veteran. Although his teaching career ended due to budget cuts he continues to mentor kids throughout Alameda County. He is the proud papa of two grown daughters, Andreshell and Ariana, who has just this spring graduated from Fordhem University in urban studies. Charles also beams when he speaks of his two granddaughters who come to visit him in his loft. Charles not only loves people but animals as well. We talked about dogs for quite a while as his dog Kona, a sweet purpled tongued chow, listened intently and cocked his head. As I was getting up to leave I noticed a framed flyer of a soldier on the kitchen table that bore Charles last name, Allensworth, and asked what the connection was. Amazingly, through a fateful question from a college registrar, Charles discovered the fact that his great great great uncle (that is his grandfather’s uncle) was Lt. Colonel Allen Allensworth, the highest ranking African American commissioned officer in the US military and the founder of the all black township of Allensworth, California near Bakersfield. Charles goes to Allensworth on a regular basis dressed in his Buffalo Soldier uniform to help educate those who visit this now historic park. Of course this leads to a new blog on Lt. Allensworth and the state park….stay tuned.
Charles…wishing you a very happy birthday and thank you for hanging in with us long enough to becoming part of the PCL community. Charles was our first interested buyer and hung in with us longer than anyone. Hats off!


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