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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Velo Lounge at PCL is Full of Bikes!

Today the Holliday Development staff strapped on their bike helmets and shuttled more than 20 bikes from storage at the HD offices to the Velo Lounge at the Pacific Cannery Lofts. The bikes were purchased from Backroads Active Travel Company based in Berkeley and had to travel from Utah where they were being used and stored for cycling vacations. Any resident at Pacific Cannery Lofts is more than welcome to use a bike for commuting or pleasure. Bike locks are provided and you can get the combination to the locks from the sales staff. For your safety please where a helmut when riding.

For information on routes, rules, safety, commuting and more check out the bicycle section of 511.org.
and the East Bay Bicycle Coalition.
A special thanks to BACKROADS for their assistance and generosity.

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