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Monday, March 30, 2009


In Dave Newhouse’s Sunday, March 29th, 2009 Good Neighbors article answers THE QUESTION “Oakland's wonderful despite warts

Excerpts from that article:

THE QUESTION, of course: How can you live in a place like Oakland?

I quickly grew to like Oakland because of this cultural diversity, which has increased over the years. More than any other Bay Area city, Oakland resembles a pocket-size United Nations in its citizenry. Fascinating, indeed.

A fact that's often lost because of Oakland's crime figures, but its residents do get along as a rule. And you can have a good time in Oakland because it's hospitable, not haughty.

People eat well here, too. Oakland has the best soul food and — sorry, San Jose — the best Mexican food. Oakland has the Bay Area's premier ice cream parlor in Fentons, the best pizza at Pizzaiolo, the best bakery at Bake Sale Betty's, and the funkiest watering hole (now that the Kingfish is closed) in Heinold's First and Last Chance Saloon.

Yoshi's of Oakland is the best local jazz club, intimate with great acoustics. However, Oakland is a phantasmagoria of international music in its wide-ranging sound. While the Oakland East Bay Symphony isn't as wealthy as the San Francisco Symphony, it isn't as staid either. OEBS director/conductor Michael Morgan is willing to experiment with new composers, and successfully.

And Oakland has restored — count them — two classic vintage theaters in the Paramount and Fox. Name another town where you've seen this happen.

When it comes to sports, Oakland tops San Francisco in world championships with eight (A's four, Raiders three, Warriors one) to five (all 49ers). No major-league city has anyone like Al Davis, who has been a coach, general manager, owner and commissioner, plus he moved his franchise out of town and then, uniquely, moved it back. Only in Oakland.

Oakland has much to offer, including fantastic hiking trails in its hills. And College Avenue, as I've stated before, is the greatest street in America — even before it hits the Berkeley city line — because of its incredible diversity.

Add the quaint European village-like atmosphere of the Montclair district, and that's yet another reason THE QUESTION doesn't bother me quite like it does some outsiders.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Velo Lounge at PCL is Full of Bikes!

Today the Holliday Development staff strapped on their bike helmets and shuttled more than 20 bikes from storage at the HD offices to the Velo Lounge at the Pacific Cannery Lofts. The bikes were purchased from Backroads Active Travel Company based in Berkeley and had to travel from Utah where they were being used and stored for cycling vacations. Any resident at Pacific Cannery Lofts is more than welcome to use a bike for commuting or pleasure. Bike locks are provided and you can get the combination to the locks from the sales staff. For your safety please where a helmut when riding.

For information on routes, rules, safety, commuting and more check out the bicycle section of 511.org.
and the East Bay Bicycle Coalition.
A special thanks to BACKROADS for their assistance and generosity.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

KQED SPARK program features Westerhout, photographer, at the Oakland Train Station

Spark follows photographer Katherine Westerhout inside a forgotten West Oakland landmark -- the 16th Street Train Station. Once the terminus of the Transcontinental Railroad, this Beaux Arts gem located just down the street from the Pacific Cannery Lofts is part of the Central Station development of West Oakland.

Westerhout's photographs are a selection from an ongoing series of urban landscapes that focus on interior spaces of abandoned buildings in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. For more information and a preview of this episode please check the Spark site.

You can view the spark episode at the following times:

Wed Apr. 1, 2009 -- 7:30 pm
Thur Apr. 2, 2009 -- 1:30 am
Fri Apr. 3, 2009 -- 11:30 pm
Sat Apr. 4, 2009 -- 5:30 am

Sat Apr. 4, 2009 -- 2:00 pm
Sun Apr. 5, 2009 -- 11:00 am

Produced by KQED Public Television, Spark is about Bay Area artists and arts organizations -- it is a weekly television show, an educational outreach program and a website. More than a showcase for art objects and the artists who make them, Spark takes the audience inside the creative process to witness the challenges, opportunities and rewards of making art.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Grove at Pacific Cannery Lofts

The linear garden at The PCL Grove connects the cannery building to the new Cooling Shed Townhouses. Musa basjoo, Banana trees, Papyrus, Bamboo, and Chinese Lantern border a 250-foot long permeable crushed stone walk. Groundcover plantings of Rubus, and Anenome can also be seen in this area. All ground floor living units facing the grove have semi-private outdoor terrace areas where residents may embellish their own homes with individual plantings and furnishings. Yet another beautiful outdoor space created by the Miller Company in conjunction with Holliday Development.

Monday, March 2, 2009

History in the Gardens

Throughout the project, Miller Company has sited historic elements saved from the original cannery building into the garden areas. In the western entry area historic cast iron wheels, magnificent survivors of the industrial age from the ice making machinery, have been mounted as a sculptural reminder of what once was at the heart of the building. At the eastern end of the Entry Dining Courtyard the factory's original industrial scale, originally used to weigh cans before being loaded onto trains, is placed at the building entrance. Miller Company also incorporated antique switchgear, valves, and gauges now repurposed throughout the project marking underground pipes. Finally, electrical panels from the original cannery are placed at the end of each courtyard. Take a stroll through the grounds and enjoy!

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

What's with all the MUD!

It's hard not to notice all the mud on the sales office side of the Pacific Cannery Lofts, especially now that it is being worked and evened out. Curious about what is happening there? We again look to the fine work of Jeff Miller and his Landscape company who are preparing that entire area for a burst of color in the spring. The now primed soil will be peppered with California wildflower and native plant seeds. In this mixture are blossoms that will spring forth at different times throughout the year. So what are they waiting for?....a dry spell... to spread the seed mixture. If the soil is too wet the seeds will rot instead of grow. So keep you eye on the mud. Once the seeds are sown it won't take long for the color to bloom.

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Brown Sugar Kitchen News!

Did you see the food section in today's (March 1) Chronicle. If not, take a look and you will see an article about the fresh spin on soul food featuring Tanya Holland and the bustling Brown Sugar Kitchen. Tanya's delicious dishes are based on specialties from African American kitchens but use local free range poultry and California grass fed beef along with yams and other produce from local organic farms. This application of French culinary style and a more polished presentation is taking the West Oakland community and beyond by storm.
Brown Sugar Kitchen has also just been voted Best Soul Food in Oakland, in the upcoming May issue of Oakland Magazine's "Best of" issue. BSK has truly become an anchor in the budding community of West Oakland. If you haven't already indulged..........need I say more!

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