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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Brown Sugar Kitchen Celebrates It's First Birthday

Just a year ago today (January 15th) Tanya Holland, chef and owner of Brown Sugar Kitchen, opened her New Style Soul Restaurant on Mandela Parkway in West Oakland. Soul is the key word here as it applies not only to the fabulous food served, but the way the food is prepared and served, and the community that dines there. BSK has become this magical melting pot of food and spirit that marks the heart of the West Oakland community. Walk in anyday (or more likely...take a place in line while enjoying a cup of Blue Bottle Coffee) and you will find a buzz from the variety of people who are indulging in BSK culinary delights. The restaurant name, Brown Sugar Kitchen, was explained in last November's Oakbook Magazine article entitled, "Oakland's Got Soul Food" and is worth repeating here. Tanya liked the word "Kitchen" for starters and "Brown Sugar" is a euphemism for an African American woman in addition to being one of Tanya's favorite ingredients. Her hope was to bring something positive to her own neighborhood and a city that she loves. Well Tanya.....you have done it! Happy Birthday from all of us at Holliday Development! We will all be in for some cake soon!



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