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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Discover the stories and pictures that follow the Cannery from its days as the Pacific Coast Canning Company to its rebirth as the Pacific Cannery Lofts. This online gallery brings together some of the best imagery from the different stages of the Cannery's life.

The building flourished 100 years ago with over a thousand workers, provided shelter for refugees of the 1906 earthquake, and was a source of food for troops during World War I. While it closed up during the Great Depression, the legacy of the Pacific Coast Cannery lives on.

It's history has never been forgotten as nearly 40 family members of the original founder, Lew Hing, were at the Cannery for a tour just a week ago. The family has not only provided great support to the rebirth of the building, but they have also played an integral role in helping us be able to hone and tell the story of Lew Hing and the Pacific Coast Cannery.

Again, I encourage to take a minute and enjoy the online gallery.

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