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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Saving Gas?

Yahoo! news reports that some workers are taking an opportunity to switch to 4 day work weeks to save money on commutes. The article focuses first on custodians that are actually choosing to not work a 5th day at all given their commuting costs, but certainly people able to work from home are more likely to start exercising that option more and more.

Based out of a location like the Pacific Cannery Lofts, I know my commuting would literally drop in half. The central location and access to public transit helps that cause, but the more exciting option is the zero commute: with entrepreneurs and live-workers looking to be a part of the Pacific Cannery community, a commute can be as simple as walking down the stairs. Investing those savings can amount to several thousands of dollars a year.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Raimondi Park Looking Good

After many months of construction (which is still continuing), Raimondi Park is looking great.

The park is over 10 acres and is named after Ernie Raimondi, a local hero and baseball player that grew up just blocks away.

The redevelopment will include 2 soccer/football fields, a baseball diamond, tot lot, picnic area, putting green, and more. The park is located just across the street from Central Station and is an exciting redevelopment for the area. The Oakland Oaks used to practice on the fields, and before construction began the fields were regularly bustling with kids sports games, drawing players from all over the area.


Friday, May 23, 2008

Bike Lounge Moving Forward

The Velo Lounge at the Pacific Cannery Lofts is built-out with furniture, workstands, worktops, and more.

Some final pieces are yet to come, including the bike racks, but the workspace is looking great. I'm already looking forward to spending afternoons tuning up my bike and relaxing on the couch...instead of my current challenge of trying to tune my bike while not covering my living room in grease.

More surprises are yet to come to the bike lounge, so stay tuned for its grand opening. We'll be posting some of our favorite rides on the bulletin board in the lounge, so if you've got any favorites you want included, let us know.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Right Before Your Eyes

We have been using our Pacific Cannery Lofts renderings for months to help those interested to picture the look and feel of this unique loft community. As you can see, those rendering will very soon be obsolete as we are heading for the finish line at PCL. The sidewalks, hallways and gardens are now going in as we begin to wrap up these future homes.

Here at Holliday Development we are thoroughly enjoying watching these finishing touches become a reality instead of a two dimensional image. Check out the insert on the attached rendering. That is a recent picture of the real thing!

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Progress on the Courtyards

Progress on the courtyards is moving along. We posted a few weeks ago about the palm trees being craned in, as were the concrete benches and tables in the center of the courtyard.

More paving and landscaping is underway, but the courtyard is already really taking shape. Yesterday we enjoyed the warm weather for a few minutes by relaxing on the benches.

The third courtyard, which we'll post about soon, is just as serene but with a very different feel. Slatted-wood pathways warm that third courtyard, creating a contrast to the stone pathways in this Living Room courtyard.

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Monday, May 12, 2008

In the spirit of Bike to Work Day

In the spirit of Bike to Work Day, which is coming up on Thursday, I want to give a quick kudos to Topeak Cycling products. I've long been using their JoeBlow Pro floor-pump, which up until last week has been great. Last Monday morning when my car was in the shop and I decided to ride my bike into work, my pump broke. The head of the pump was leaking air, and I was left with two flat tires.

I had no idea what the warranty information was, but I was able to open a support ticket online saying that air was leaking from the head of the pump. I had a respone within 3 minutes saying that a new head was in the mail, and by Wednesday my pump was as good as new. No questions, no proof of purchase, no shipping and handling charge, just an immediate fix....pretty impressive in my book (and now on bike to work day I won't have flat tires).
I'm now thinking we might need to have one of these installed in the bike lounge at the Pacific Cannery.

Monday, May 5, 2008

511 Bike Mapper

BikeMapperThis is directly from the BIKE MAPPER website that is part of bicycling.511.org.

What a great tool for getting around on a bike and figuring out your route for Bike to Work Day on May 15th. Check it out and go for a ride.

Welcome to the Bay Area’s resource for bicycling information. Here you’ll find the new 511 BikeMapper, route maps, locations of lockers and racks, information on how to take your bike on public transit and across Bay Area toll bridges, how to ride safely in traffic, tips on commuting, bicycle resources and more.

New to biking? Register with the 511 Ridematch Tool to find a Bike Buddy and start today!

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Friday, May 2, 2008

Rosanna Anson Vazquez, Photographer

You will be treated to a number of Rosanna's surrealistic photographic works in the new Pacific Cannery Lofts model, a Signature Loft, opening next week. Rosanna comes to us on a full scholarship to the MFA program at the Art Academy from Barcelona Spain. Growing up in an artistic family Rosanna began her college studies in advertising but followed her artistic passion and switched to graphic design where she explored the world of shapes , colors, and drawing both by hand and on the computer. Moving on to study at the Llotja School of Arts in Barcelona she found work with a fashion photographer and was fascinated more by the photo shoot itself than the art. Shooting with a "point and shoot" camera she entered her own work into the El Pais Photography competition and won first prize which was a Canon 30D camera. Since then she has not stopped shooting. Winning the scholarship to San Francisco has allowed Rosanna to live her dream. She wishes to entertain people with her surrealistic photos and to get their minds off hard times. The actual photograph is only the first step in her art form. The image is later manipulated in order to create different dreamscapes. Changing color, and applying additional images all come together to create the incredible surrealism of her work. You can view her work at her flickr site and of course at our new Signature Loft Model at Pacific Cannery Lofts.

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

One Huge Crane

What kind of crane does it take to lift palm trees over tall buildings? Well they have what you need at Hatton Cranes.
The crane pictured here, which is the one used to move trees at Pacific Cannery Lofts, is the largest mobile crane made and a permit is needed every time it is moved. This is a 500 Ton Hydraulic All Terrain Crane with a
197' Main Boom
276' Luffing Boom
With "All Wheel steer"

The tires on this rig were as tall as I am(just over 5') and there were at least 10 of them. The people from Hatton were amazing with their precision and placement of the trees. Although it was a very windy day the trees were lifted over the building and placed bulls eye into 4' x 4' holes that the crane operator could not even see. (He had a 40ft tall building in between himself and the holes.) Standing in the courtyard was another Hatton team member with a walkie talkie directing the crane operator's every move. Hats off to the Hatton/Miller team. "LIKE BUTTA!"

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