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Friday, April 4, 2008

SF Chronicle - The Live-Work Concept Evolves

Last week the feature story of the San Francisco Chronicle's 'At Home' section highlighted the latest live-work concepts and projects, focusing in part on the Pacific Cannery Lofts.

"The live/work concept evolves to fit the needs of a new brand of consumer. Whether it's living where you work or working where you live, proximity to public transit is an integral component of new loft and mixed-use construction."

On the Cannery, the article focuses on how the location (270 BART trains a day to San Francisco in less than 10 minutes), the custom upgrades for defining the space, the bike lounge, and the opportunity to have a public and a private entry to a space all create a more functional and more interesting live-work space that is centrally located in a transit hub.

You can see the whole article here: Live_Work_Chronicle.pdf

Live-work buildings create the foundation for a great community, whether you are just there to live or just there to work. We can speak firsthand about the community at the Clocktower Lofts, where several entrepreneurs made their start (including Holliday Development), and many others make their home. And at the Cannery with the opportunity to own for less than $2,000 a month, the rent/buy comparison makes sense for apartment space and office space alike.



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