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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A little bike maintenance

NovoMetro wrote a great piece, Messing with Bikes, on some of the free workshops in Oakland for bike maintenance. Oakland is a great place for commuting by bike, especially given how many places you can easily get to on flat roads or by hopping on BART for a commute into the city.

I'm a perfect candidate for one of these workshops as I love to bike, often ride to work, but really don't know too much more than the basics when it comes to good bike maintenance and repair (I have been spoiled for years by having a good friend that is also a bike fanatic, so I always have eager hands to turn to for a tune-up). As the article points out, however, bikes are pretty simply machines, so it is worth taking a few minutes to learn the basics.

With the bike lounge that we're building at the Pacific Cannery Lofts, we'll be sure to include a good work-stand for keeping your bike in shape. Perhaps more importantly, we'll be looking to offer some free workshops hosted at the bike lounge so even people like me can get the benefit of it.



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