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Monday, March 17, 2008

Who Lives Here?

We often get comments about our models saying that it really feels like someone lives there. Well…that’s kind of true, because we envision who would reside in each home, real or imaginary, before we begin to pull it together. Take the Live/Work Grove loft for instance. Our “poster child” there is Kristin Long, president and owner of MIGHTYminnow, a boutique web development, training and coaching firm based in Oakland. (you can see evidence of her logo development and the final logo on the door and by the desk) I met Kristin when I took a web coding class in the city. So taken by her knowledge and teaching style, I hired her to code the Pacific Cannery Lofts website.

Kristin grew up in Nebraska. Moving to SF after college, she accepted a receptionist job in a web company where she quickly absorbed the business and now runs her own. MIGHTYminnow is blossoming and she has recently been asked to join ADOBE where she teaches Dreamweaver and gives input on future ADOBE software releases. For fun she took up swing dance, began to teach that also and eventually helped start SwingOUT!, the first gay and lesbian swing dance organization in the bay area. In 1998 she joined the organizing team of CAMP SWING whose program brings swing dancers from all over together in beautiful Mendocino for a weekend of fun, flare and rhythm.

Ironically, Kristin has now reserved a unit at the Pacific Cannery Lofts and is one of the many young enterprising entrepreneurs that will be the constitution of this new vibrant community. Like most up and coming business people Kristin is looking forward to working at home but having the gallery/café as her third space where she can meet clients, work without the cat on her lap for a little while and strike up interesting conversations with other live/workers.

Oh…and the cupcake cookbooks?……Kristin’s favorite dessert!

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