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Friday, February 1, 2008

Brewery set to rekindle Oakland's heyday

Headquarters for the Linden Street Brewery is in a historic warehouse along the city's industrial waterfront, a few blocks north of Jack London Square, that manufactured underground street-lighting cables in the late 1800s.

The Linden Street brew space dates back to 1890, the year four breweries were turning out 35,000 barrels of beer annually ...

"We're just a couple of guys out in West Oakland," he added. "As long as the future of Oakland embraces us we'll be OK."

The gatherings, a brewery tradition, help create community — something Lamoreaux said West Oakland could use more of.

Indeed. Sitting there, it was easy to imagine West Oakland when it was a neighborhood of Portuguese, Italians, Greeks, East European Jews and African Americans, including the illustrious Capt. William Shorey, known for its public-mindedness. That was before the Nimitz highway sliced through West Oakland's main arteries and BART went for the jugular.

Lamoreaux said he plans to focus on the brewing and getting Linden Street beers into the city's outlets. The Fireside Lounge in Alameda's West End and The Trappist Belgian beer pub already carry Linden Street's flagship Common Lager, which is made in the old-fashioned steam method that was typical of Bay Area breweries, according to Lamoreaux.

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Full Oakland Tribune Article, click here

Free food and free beer Friday nights at Linden Street Brewing in Oakland

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