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Monday, January 28, 2008

We're a geographical George Clinton, the "King of Funk."

Funky Brazilian shack offers up a taste of Rio ...

THE MORE TIME you spend in the Oakland area, you come to realize this is one funky scene. We're a geographical George Clinton, the "King of Funk."

Enjoy a libation at the Kingfish or Last Chance Saloon in Oakland or Croll's in Alameda, or grab a burger at The Smokehouse in Berkeley — it doesn't get any more funky.

But if you want funk, samba-style, there's only place: The Brazil Fresh Squeeze Cafe. Even the name sounds funky.

The cafe — it hardly resembles one — is one block from the University of California, Berkeley, campus at the corner of University and Walnut. Seeing it for the first time, your immediate thought will be: How did it ever get a building permit? For its architecture is impossible to describe — sort of a shack or a hut or a fort.

But Berkeley is strange, so the cafe fits the city perfectly.

However, if you want genuine Brazilian food, you don't have to go to Rio de Janeiro. Just drive over to Pedro Robin's funky food palace, with the American and Brazilian flags flying above the roof and place your order.

Figuring what to eat will be challenging. The cuisine is quite good and quite varied. Thus making a decision will be harder than doing the samba.
[more] Dave Newhouse's Good Neighbors, Oakland Tribune 01.28.08

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Blogger aw said...

Nice to see Dave Newhouse's Trib story about funky East Bay venues. But it would easy to miss the fact that Dave wrote the story in the Trib by the way you posted it.

January 28, 2008 at 12:50 PM  

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