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Monday, January 28, 2008

My new favorite........onramp

It's not often that I would get too excited about a freeway onramp. I would, however, always tout how close the last onramp onto the Bay Bridge is to the Pacific Cannery Lofts (less than a mile, and it shoots you straight into a FasTrak lane). Since I make a decent number of trips over to San Francisco (and lived there for the past 4 years), this access point is about as good as it gets.

And I also knew that it was just as quick to get to Gilman Street (6 minutes) on 80 or 880 South for a Warrior's game.

But what I was completely missing in the process was the 580 onramp immediately adjacent to that Bay Bridge onramp. For someone like myself who requires the occaisonal visit for work and for family to Walnut Creek and/or the Rockridge & West Berkeley area, I was able to get to Walnut Creek in 15 minutes and onto Claremont Ave. in less than 6. Perhaps this was my favorite onramp because of the surprise, or perhaps because it completed the compass...I was literally 1 minute away from every major access point going North, South, West, and East. Not bad when the view outside your living room is palm trees and chirping birds.

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