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Friday, January 25, 2008

In Style

The Black Dot Artists, located almost immediately next door to the Pacific Cannery Lofts and lead by Marcel Diallo (pictured 3rd from the left), hosted a fundraiser event, "A Conversation with Don Cheadle." Cheadle is a longtime friend of Marcel and was excited to come up to support the Black Dot Artists.

Cheadle was remarkably humble and insightful as he spoke on everything from genocide in Darfur to his family & children to the writer's strike in Hollywood. Speaking of his work in the Darfur region, he said that after seeing some of the atrocities firsthand during the filming of Hotel Rwanda, he had no choice but to become involved.

Pictured in the Style section of the San Francisco Chronicle from the event, Rick & Nancy Holliday are above to the right of Don Cheadle.

More shots from the event as pictured in the Chronicle:

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