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Monday, December 10, 2007

Salvaging Historic Equipment

Last week Jeff Miller – Pacific Cannery Lofts’ landscape architect and landscape sub contractor – salvaged the historic ice making equipment that will become a feature piece at the west entry to the building. Jeff describes the process:

“Thought you would all be interested in our underground work to capture the ice making equipment from the dungeon of the Icehouse building. Quite the task indeed, but very exciting to handle such tonnage... The wheel is cast iron and I estimate its weight to be 4000 lbs. The motor seems to be just about 2500 lbs itself. My thought at this time is to assemble a single large wheel and its motor in north side of the west entry ramp. The wheel will be mounted on its stainless steel axle set on a concrete base at the bottom of the ramp and the engine will sit on a concrete plinth at the top of the ramp. We will use all of the original mounting structures and bolts in the reassembly. This arrangement resembles the original positioning - the wheel sat in a channel pit in the floor of the basement. My thought is that we will gain ground space on the low end of the ramp, much like the channel pit. The diameter of the wheel is 8'-0" and it will be quite an imposing sculptural element - the motor is impressive as well and will project 5'0" into the ramp area.

Since the room that they have been living in is quite small, my assumption is that they were possibly installed first and then the building was constructed around them... I can't imagine how they got in there otherwise... It has been quite the struggle to move them out of their habitat...”

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