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Friday, May 18, 2012

EBGB Wine Bar Events at PCL

Few other communities have their own in-house wine bar and event venue that puts on as many creative events as PCL's EBGB Wine Bar run by Monty Paulsen and Gigi Benson!

Due to the success we've had as an event space, we will be moving away from our standard "Open Bar" night every week, and will focus on event-based openings for the summer. 

But don't fret, many of these events will be on Friday and Saturdays, and many will be open to the public, so you'll still be able to stop in and have a glass of wine from time to time. You'll just have to check the event schedule to see when these are, and what to expect. Watch for the emails, or check out our Facebook page.

Stay tuned for announcements on upcoming events and parties, including our re-scheduled Brazilian Dance Party, our big Yelp exclusive party, additional theater and music nights, and guest winemakers.

Monty and Gigi.

1203 Pine Street Oakland, CA 94607|510.419.0172

Join us tonight for our last casual Spring "open to the public" wine tastings as summer takes over with special events, blind tastings, blending seminars and private parties. (If you're having one call us!) Come chill, listen to music, Play music, and delight in decadent, devious and delicious wine!

SATURDAY ART A LA CARTE 4:00 - 6:30 Kerin Mentkow Instructor 
 $30 includes all supplies to let you release your inner artist!
Wine Bar open to the public during class. 
Stay tuned for coming events that will be open to the public, such as Brazilian Dance Night, Yoga Wine Weekend and Yelp Elite in June! 
Tastings: 3 wines for $10 or $6 a glass contribution keep us underground!

Need more details?  Directions?  Check out our Facebook Events page:  

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

SF Rents Up, Up and Away - 50% or more!

I can't imagine moving to San Francisco today. When I moved to Oakland a few months ago, my Hayes Valley apartment was re-listed for 85% more than we had been paying for the few years prior. It was snatched up. Our Oakland mortgage is about 2/3 of the cost of renting that Hayes Valley two bedroom today, and we get twice as much square footage. Why would you pay $3000+ to rent a rundown two bedroom with a landlord in San Francisco, when you could pay half that at PCL to own and get as much or more space?

SFist has great coverage of the increases at http://sf.curbed.com/archives/2012/05/14/the_bad_news_as_suspected_rental_rates_have_increased_dramatically_over_the_past_year.php

But I think the image above speaks for itself (click here for high-resolution). From January-March 2011 to the same period in 2012, average rents posted on craigslist went up as follows:
(images courtesy of SFist.com)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Thursday May 10 is Bike to Work Day! Come to the East Bay Bike Coalition's Bike Happy Hour

Thursday is bike to work day and whether you work in Oakland or SF its an easy trip from PCL! And on your way home, stop in at the Bike Happy Hour Party for food trucks, New Belgium beer, and all kinds of fun!

If you live at PCL and work in Oakland, its an easy, STRAIGHT SHOT! and flat ride to work. Click here for directions!

If you live at PCL and work in San Francisco, its a 2.3 mile flat and easy ride to the Ferry, which is free for cyclists on Bike to Work Day and serves coffee and donuts in the morning and beers in the afternoon. Click here for directions! I love this trip since the ferry ride is so peaceful and gorgeous, and since I bike I can feel fine about the donut and beer as part of my commute (maybe not every day).

Wherever you live or work, the Happy Hour Party is a lot of Fun. PCL is a sponsor of the Happy Hour because we like to support cycling in Oakland. One of the highlights of PCL is that its easy to get on the freeway, easy to get on BART, and easy to bike anywhere in the East Bay (and to SF if you use BART or the ferry). The happy hour will have beer, games, and an assortment of food trucks and good info about Oakland-based businesses and services.

See you on the road on Thursday!